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White Gift Box For Wireless Microphone

White Gift Box For Wireless Microphone

1/customized for customers 2/gift box 3/sample fee will refund once order confirm

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Product Details

It's a white rectangle gift box for wireless microphone. The most important for it is protecting and good apperance.

Also, it's a shipping box, because the material is good quality, so that it won't be damaged during the transportation. Morever, we are customized for customers, so we can make any colors and any sizes.

Our materials are choosed by our boss carefully, but not any colleagues, this is why I said our quality is good.

Here is the information of the box.

materila: 1500g + 157 coard art paper

size: 30*10*10cm

surface finishing: CMYK+UV+silver foil stamping+matt lamination

shape: lid and base

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