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Cosmetics Box Colorful Paper Card Box

Cosmetics Box Colorful Paper Card Box

1/cosmetics box 2/customized for customer 3/we are factory

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Product Details

The box is use for packing cosmetics, which can be protected the cosmetics bottle in case of damage, because the bottle usually is glass, so that it's really easy to be broke.

We are customized for customers, so customers can let us know the demand, then we can make what the customer want. As everyone need to put their LOGO on the packaging, so that people can know who they are.

Also we are a factory, our unit price is much lower than the trade company. And we can control the quality better, so that we can sure our product's quality can be the best.

About the information of the cosmetics, here it is.

material: 350g cardboard

size: 5*5*10cm

surface finishing: CMYK + matt lamination


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