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Why Is The Carton Factory Boss So Tired
Jan 08, 2019

Rent rises, tax rate reform, labor costs rise, market declines, environmental protection and safety supervision take turns bombing... The year 2018 is almost over, and the carton industry is in decline. Among them are the owners of cardboard boxes, who have seen the rise and fall of the industry, seen the withdrawal of capital and experienced the sleepless nights caused by problems.

They are constantly in debt, constantly adding to their assets, and always strapped for the cash they really have. However, when they summon up the courage to say frankly that they have no money, many people don't believe them...

1, do carton business, high cost

At present, the monthly rent of a 3,000-square-meter factory in first-tier and second-tier cities is about 100,000 yuan, while the rent in third-tier and fourth-tier cities is also about 50,000 yuan and 60,000 yuan. And the annual rent, labor costs are rising. The owner of the carton factory is investing more and more, but he is slower and slower to make the money back.

2, do carton business, large inventory

Each time into the loan is less than tens of thousands, dozens of millions, the home inventory is a lot. On the one hand, the capital is occupied by the downstream, on the other hand, the inventory is overstocked, and some customers are in arrears, so the working capital in hand is less and less. Many of them are financed by bank loans or private loans, and their operating costs are rising.

3, do carton business, low profit

Unlike the Internet and real estate industry, the carton industry reshuffle intensified: raw material prices are extremely unstable, environmental rectification is increasingly severe, large enterprises continue to extend downstream... Many small and medium-sized enterprises shut down production. What's more, the market demand declines, the peer competition is intense, the customer is relatively strong, the profit is lower and lower.

4. It is difficult to collect money in the carton business

Now some paper factory executive payment to delivery, not only not to the carton factory boss arrears, but also pressure payment for goods. While the downstream customers generally pay according to payment days, which leads to insufficient liquidity for many carton factory owners. Some bosses may have revenues in the tens of millions this year, but at least a few million are not coming back to customers...

Therefore, the owner of the carton factory can often be seen Posting a circle of friends: "usually I do not urge the bill, it is not that I have money, I just understand your difficulties. When I urge you, it is because I can no longer bear it. The money I ask you for is not for depositing in the bank or investing.

5, do the carton business, from a poor background

Most of the owners of carton factories are from poor families, and everyone has a bloody account. They are thrifty in daily life, but they are said to be "stingy". But who knows, the boss is all by himself from scratch, spend a sum of money, naturally want to pinch pennies. What's more, when the boss, whether the business is good, high and low income, oneself have to carry.

Do not know before, always feel when the boss is very relaxed, after understanding, just discover this is false, all carefree, relaxed, simple all is false appearance. The year 2018 is almost over, and for the owner of the carton factory, the sour heart and physical fatigue are the experiences of the year.

In fact, and more than is the carton industry, and more than is the carton factory boss, the whole manufacturing people, who is not the surface scenery, but in fact, it is loaded forward? 2019 is coming soon, carton industry hold, manufacturing hold, I believe tomorrow will be better!