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White Kraft Paper Is Safer Than Coated Paper For Food Packaging
Dec 14, 2017

Once coated paper is an important choice of food packaging, has many problems, but because of the coated paper packaging food gradually replaced by white kraft paper, then the white kraft paper, what are the advantages relative to the coated paper for packing food? This is the main topic of today's discussion. 

As countries on food safety regulation is more and more strict, food packaging and into the regulatory scope of coated paper packaging of food at present already had parts request from the shelves, to switch to other food grade packaging materials, and white kraft paper become more food packaging options. 

Relative to the coated paper, white kraft paper packaging food safer, mainly because of white kraft paper adopts full wood pulp manufacture, is long fiber kraft paper products, at the same time in the production of white kraft paper, basic didn't add fluorescent substances, so control is much better than coated paper, fluorescent agent content and coated paper because of technology, when used in food packaging fluorescent material exceeds bid badly. 

Can be accused kraft paper instead of the coated paper has become an important paper food packaging is one of the biggest reason why white kraft paper, safer, more conform to the requirements of the human body health, and coated paper is less than the basic requirements, main is coated paper is excessive amounts of harmful substance content. 

White kraft paper recommendation for food packaging: 

1. American GP white kraft paper 

2. Swedish white kraft paper 

3. High white kraft paper 

4. Homemade white kraft paper 

5. 70-150 g FSC white kraft paper