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What Should Pay Attention To When The Waste Paper Unloading
Jan 11, 2019

At around 17:20 on December 11, 2017, a safety accident occurred during the unloading of waste paper at the zhanchang paper processing plant in humen town, dongguan city, which is located in baisha community of humen town. One person was killed in the accident.

The cause is this.

Dongguan humen exhibition chang paper processing factory in October 27, 2017, online platform to start contact zhejiang fuyang day peng mud mill and through WeChat contact the factory Mr Ho (tel: XXX) started to buy waste paper business, and approved by zhejiang province logistics company introduction freight driver XingDuiAn licence for anhui J40962 truck (liberation CA4250P66K2T3E half hanging traction motor) for the factory will waste paper to dongguan humen town baisha community in this factory factory department. The payment shall be paid to the merchant by the paper processing plant of dongguan city, humen zhanchang, via WeChat, and the freight driver, xing dunan, shall be contacted through WeChat. After receiving the goods, the freight shall be transferred to the freight driver, xing dunan, via WeChat.

On December 9, li zhanpeng (id: XXX), an employee of dongguan city humen zhanchang paper processing factory, purchased a batch of 30.56 tons of waste paper at zhejiang fuyang tianpeng mud paper factory. After that, he contacted the freight driver xing dunan through WeChat to pull the goods to humen town, dongguan city.

Around 16:30 on December 11, freight driver xing dunan's transport car arrived at the factory gate, freight driver xing dunan put the car into the fuxin road in front of the factory gate. Factory employee li zhanpeng came out of the factory, with the freight driver xing dunan said the car into the factory and then unloading, and then li zhanpeng with the freight driver xing dunan said to go to the factory across the convenience store to find friends.

XingDuiAn freight drivers, however, did not obey the arrangement of the exhibition peng li, drive in the factory for unloading, but in the absence of site management staff and under the supervision of the goods under the condition of obvious tilt, directly to a person at the gate of the factory, the discharge under his canvas and cut and tied up in the process of the fixed rope, car central side two bundle of paper from about 2.7 to 3.5 m high above the ground, rolled (2 bundles, up and down by weighing a bundle weight is 490 kg, according to the nearby factory surveillance video found a bundle on XingDuiAn head) hit him in the head, the driver XingDuiAn head hit, immediately fell to the ground.

At this time, li zhanpeng, an employee of the factory, heard someone Shouting that the paper fell and hit people. He immediately ran to the scene of the accident. He found the driver lying on the ground with two bundles of waste paper beside him.

The scene personnel dialed 120 and 110 respectively, about half an hour later, the ambulance arrived at the scene. After the rescue personnel scene rescue, doctors confirmed that xing dunan died due to ineffective rescue.

The accident resulted in the death of one person, xing dunan, male, han nationality, date of birth: March 17, 1962, id number: XXX, registered address: no. 12, chenjia group, dashan village, xianyu town, shitai county, chizhou city, anhui province.

After the accident, the field survey found that waste paper bundle of height of 4.3 m, not conform to the law of the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety regulations on the implementation of the People's Republic of China (state council order no. 405), article 54 "motor vehicle cargo shall not exceed the quality of verification of load on the motor vehicle registration, load the length, width, shall not exceed, and shall comply with the following provisions: (a) medium and heavy-duty truck, semi-trailer slide, the height from the ground up to no more than 4 meters, carrying a container of the vehicle shall not exceed 4.2 meters... "Asked.

Carriage single side has 20 bind up buckle, the spot proves to used 12 only, did not use sufficient, 12 bind up rope, distribute in waste paper bundle middle and top, should central bind firm first, secure again top. In fact, some buckles can be tied up repeatedly (that is, one buckle can be tied up to two buckles, and each buckle is wide enough). Generally, for goods with high quality of binding materials, wide special binding belt is used. Now, only 6mm plastic rope is used, and the contact area is too small to control the effect of waste paper binding, which results in the deviation of the center of gravity of the goods.

Truck driver XingDuiAn, because of its vehicles parked in huangshan city yixian county green car fleet, spare time, through the micro letter contact listed private transport business, irregularities exist in the process of transport goods, arrived at the dongguan humen exhibition chang paper processing factory gate, didn't listen to arrange to the factory for unloading, the goods under the condition of center of gravity has obvious deviation, failed to eliminate the unsafe factors of goods dangerous operations, to pull down the canvas and clipping and carriage bundling fixed rope, lead to slip in high waste paper bundle in the car, hit his head. On the accident determination, the lorry driver xing dunan has the responsibility.

As the deceased was not an employee of dongguan humen zhanchang paper processing factory, he was an individual who undertook the transportation business, and the transportation process was not standardized. After arriving at the factory, he did not follow the arrangement of unloading in the factory, so he took risks without the supervision of on-site management personnel. In the accident, dongguan city humen zhanchang paper processing plant is not responsible.