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What Is Reusable Packaging?
Feb 15, 2017

Reusable packaging is packaging that is used more than one time. Packaging can be designed specifically for reuse, or reuse can be of a more an unplanned nature, and referred to as opportunistic reuse. Reusable packaging is purposefully designed for repeated usage with through design attributes such as durability, ease of use, ease of cleaning, ease of repair, or collapsibility or nestable design to provide inexpensive return when empty.

Reusable packaging reuse can also be opportunistic, in terms of reusing packaging that is not necessarily designed for reuse such as lightweight plastic shopping bags or cardboard boxes.

Reusable packaging can include primary consumer packages, such as beverage containers, as well as transport and industrial packaging. The focus of this piece is on transport and industrial applications.

What Are the Main Types of Reusable Packaging Used?

There are several categories of reusable packaging typically found in industry. Examples of reusable packaging include:

  • Reusable pallets

  • Pallet collars

  • Reusable handheld containers

  • Reusable bulk containers

  • Reusable dunnage

  • Reusable wraps and straps