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What Are The Requirements For A Package That Can Be Called A Boutique?
Jan 21, 2019

The good-looking box is the same, and there are not a few that are really called the best. In fact, there are a lot of boxes that look good, but there are not many that can stand up to scrutiny. It can be seen that the appearance of the package printing does not represent the whole, and the material work details of the box are also important. Today, I will tell you about the material and workmanship details of the box. The material is mainly the two parts of the paper and the gray board.

  The requirement of surface paper is that it is suitable for printing and wear resistance, so the material of the surface paper is not too bad. For the cost of box printing, the cost of paper is only a small part. Followed by the gray board, the thickness of the gray board must choose more than 1300g gray board, the box made of too thin gray board will be soft and easy to deform. The gray board with a thickness of 1300 g or more is not too soft as long as it is not too big. The details of workmanship mean that the corners of the package must be angular and edging, and the edges are neat and natural. Therefore, it is required that the box must be accurate when positioning, and the corners should be flat when wrapping.

  All of these are the most basic requirements for packaging and printing. Many customers want to reduce the price in order to save costs. There are many ways to reduce the cost of a box printing factory, but the final box must not be the original effect. For example, if the paper is used with poor paper, the weight of the gray board can also be reduced or the poor gray board can be selected, or the speed reduction requirement can be reduced when the box is packed, and the cost can be reduced. Therefore, if you want to make a boutique box, you must not blindly compare the price, we must make a reasonable inquiry based on the sample. Hongcai is a packaging factory with 11 years of experience and has rich experience. If you need packaging box, please contact Hongcai Printing.