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What Are The Common Flaws Of The Box With Printed
Nov 28, 2018

What are the common flaws of the box with printed ?

Packaging is very important for aesthetics and integrity, which is also the value of the unique features of the packaging in the 21st century. The box printing industry has risen because of this, and the demand for packaging is getting stronger and stronger. At the same time, the requirements for packaging are becoming more and more strict, because the small defects of the packaging will affect the value of the product. Let's analyze and analyze the serious flaws in the packaging.

First of all, one of the most taboos in box printing is the color difference; each company has its own logo and logo color, and the packaging design is generally designed according to the logo color. The color difference will seriously affect the brand marketing power, which is unacceptable to every customer. The second is the packaging part of the workmanship, such as the height of the box is not flat, which is also very serious. Seriously, it will seriously affect the appearance and experience, even a slight customer experience is not good. This situation is generally caused by the v-slot when the v-slot is first. The common cockroaches in the manual part are bubbles, glue, scratches, wraps, ashboards, etc. These are also the cockroaches that often appear when the box is printed by hand.

All of the above are the defects that often occur in packaging. Some can be reworked, and some can't be reworked. If it is a responsible packaging box printing factory will be responsible for the end, but if it is not responsible for the leather bag company is very troublesome.