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What Are The Benefits Of Reusable Packaging?
Feb 15, 2017

What Are the Benefits of Reusable Packaging?

The use of reusable packaging can be an attractive option in terms of positive economic, sustainability and social outcomes.

Economic benefits can include direct savings in packaging purchase and disposal as a result of repeated reuse.

Higher initial purchase price ends up translating into a lower cost per trip through repeated reuse. Other economic benefits can come through productivity gains where reusable packaging better addresses the needs of the work process, such as through design for better parts presentation. Reusable packaging is also associated with better protection of parts and reduced damage, as well as storage and transportation efficiencies due to collapsible or nestable design.

Sustainability is aided by the avoidance of expendable packaging, thus negating the need to dispose of it, or to divert it away from the landfill. Better product protection in reusable packaging also aids sustainability through reduction of damage and the investment of resources required to dispose of damaged product as well as to replace it.

In terms of social outcomes, reusable packaging can be designed to improve ergonomics, through the creation of handheld containers with handholds, for example, or drop doors that allow material handlers to work in closer proximity to items to be handled.