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We Decided To Use To Divide According To The Nature Of The Use Of Reusable Bags
Mar 09, 2017

   Shopping Bag is linked environmental and consumer sentiment, shopping bag design one for supermarkets and shopping malls. In order to facilitate consumer shopping mall. The design of a dedicated bag. Such multi-use paper bag printing, compared to other handbags, structures, materials are more solid and better accommodate more items, shopping bag on the visual elements, mainly supermarket promotional logo, highlighting the supermarkets, shopping malls image and convey information shopping sites.


   Gift paper bags are carrying gift bag in the form of convenience and design. Gift of the handbag design more sophisticated styling, gift bag is to increase the value of gifts. Graphics gorgeous, beautiful, have a good look at appearance, interior gifts to gifts. 

   Now the market is divided many types of bags, can be divided into advertising of non-woven bags, non-woven bags, shopping paper bags and gift of the bag so that today is mainly about advertising of bags, shopping bags and gift bags. 

   Advertising of bags through creative graphics, advertising design focus of the bag, as the ads promote the development of calm. Identification symbol, indicating comfort and printing color text, triggering the attention of consumers, thus intimacy occurs, promote product sales. Advertising accounted for most of the bag design, advertising market is still divided between handbag shopping bag, promotional bag, brand handbag plans to promote the bag.