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Various Types Of Goods Selection Gift Box
Jan 26, 2019

The gift boxes selected by different products are not the same, so what kind of gift boxes do you choose for color use?

    1. The foods are often bright and brisk. For example, blue, white, clean, hygienic, cool, etc.; red, orange, yellow means sweet, aromatic, fresh, etc.; simple, solemn color indicates the mellow taste and long history of the wine. They are beneficial for promoting appetite.

    2. Cosmetics are often used in soft intermediate colors. Such as peach, pink, pale rose red for aroma, feminine, etc.; for some men's cosmetics, sometimes with black to indicate its solemnity.

    3. The pharmaceutical products are usually used in simple cold and warm colors. Such as green, cold gray paving quiet, anti-inflammatory, pain relief; red, orange, yellow and other warm colors indicate nourishment, nutrition, excitement, etc.; black means toxic; red and black blocks indicate highly toxic;

    4. Textiles are commonly used in the hierarchical relationship of black, white and gray, which is used for comparison in reconciliation; women's textiles use more colorful and elegant colors.

    5. Children's products are often vivid and lively, with vivid colors or contrasting colors.

    Choosing the right color for gift box processing, you don't have to worry about the gift, you can't take it. As a gift box manufacturer, our company will provide customers with improved product packaging solutions.