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Unpa Has Taken Various Measures To Promote The Green Development Of Express Packaging
Dec 15, 2018

CPP114 - there has been substantial progress in reducing the amount of junk delivered. Beijing municipal administration of postal postal service green development mobilization deployment conference recently, issued on the implementation opinion "to promote the development of postal service green Beijing, green Beijing would promote the industry development to a new level, in 2020, mainly express brand enterprises to implement green tape, more than eighty percent of the electricity business package is no longer for secondary packaging, through the establishment of multi-party cooperative system of recycling, promote delivery packaging recycling.


With the development of the express industry, the problem of the rapid increase of express waste needs to be solved. "Opinions" said, will guide express delivery packaging green reduction, by 2020, Beijing will basically establish the post industry packaging management system, and strive to achieve more than 80% of e-commerce mail express by 2020 no longer for secondary packaging. The relevant person in charge of the municipal postal administration explained that e-commerce enterprises will be encouraged to maintain the original packaging of goods when they solicit and receive goods, use electronic waybills and reduce the use of fillers. The city will also vigorously promote environmental protection tape, packaging bags, basic elimination of heavy metals and specific substances exceed the standard of packaging materials.


The recycling of express packaging boxes can effectively reduce the waste of cartons. "Opinion" is put forward, we will promote recyclable packaging, boxes, packaging bags, packing, packaging and other packaging material, postal, Courier companies will strengthen comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, such as the enterprise with the city sanitation group cooperation, explore establishing packaging producers, consumers, and consumers multi-party cooperative system of recycling. At the same time, promote the improvement of mail express packaging waste into the social resource classification and recycling system, form a closed loop management of the whole life cycle of packaging, and explore the pilot promotion of Shared use of packaging platform.


It is reported that the Beijing municipal postal administration will work with relevant departments to formulate encouraging support policies for postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises that adopt environment-friendly packaging materials and carry out packaging classification recycling. By 2020, more than 90 percent of the city's postal express service outlets will set up packaging waste recycling devices, and the use of recycling bags will be basically covered. In addition, the use of electronic waybills of postal express will be basically covered, and the sorting equipment of first-class distribution centers of brand enterprises will be fully automated.


The Beijing post and express industry will also promote the use of new energy, clean energy vehicles and fuel vehicles that meet the national six emission standards, promote the elimination of old high-emission vehicles, and complete the elimination and renewal of heavy-duty diesel trucks under the national three emission standards in 2019. By 2020, postal and urban express vehicles (under 4.5 tons) will be basically electric vehicles. Since the introduction of new energy logistics vehicles by some express delivery enterprises, they have encountered difficulties in the transportation and charging of trucks. The Beijing post administration said it will jointly study and formulate policies for the use of new energy vehicles and promote the construction of charging facilities for new energy vehicles.