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Traditional Printing Does Not Change Color For Thousands Of Years
Dec 14, 2018

The stately series of 100 classics of Chinese rare books again was placed in a study room on the first floor of China encyclopedia press the day before yesterday. The launch ceremony of the series was held here, and the theme of "let ancient books survive" was "the third Chinese collection culture BBS".


The reconstruction of the hundred classics of Chinese rare books is a key sub-project of the "collection cultural communication system construction project" supported by the office of the leading group of state-owned assets supervision and management of the central cultural enterprise. It is published by huabaozhai fuhan culture co., ltd. and zhejiang people's publishing house.


Jiang fengjun, the planner, said that the editorial committee composed of top scholars and authoritative experts of ancient books edition in China pays attention to both classics and comprehensiveness in the selection of classic books. All fields, such as politics, economy, philosophy, history, literature, art, religion and science and technology, have taken into account and selected the best ones. In particular, she mentioned that the "reconstruction of the hundred classics of Chinese rare books", which was completed, was classified according to the classics, history, sub-books and collections. There were 10 sub-books, 10 sub-books, 40 sub-books and 42 sub-books, totaling 102 kinds. Its version, from the national library, national museum, Shanghai, liaoning library and other collections Jane good edition, all for the national premium, level cultural relics, all previous dynasties version bibliograph BaoChong Song Yuanhe the Ming and qing dynasties of the original publication, then carved, pass to fix this, mud type, bronzeschrift, wood type, and approve this, overprint, transcripts, etc., all kinds of rare books, Jane orphan mostly. In the aspect of printing, jiang fengjun emphasized that in the traditional way inherited from huabaozhai, the printed ancient books are not only the same as the original books, but also are expected to remain unchanged for thousands of years through the use of high simulation photocopying technology and the substitution of mineral pigments for chemical inks.


Expert committee, director of the national the protection of ancient books and the rare books radix stemonae classic reengineering "Li Zhizhong said, director of the editorial board, editorial committee adhere to the" selected item press, to choose accurate, producing fine good "" yongjiaxian sanjing" principle, to restore ancient rare books published, get more readers to touch the original works of original texts, reading, and then the original works of collection. WuShuLin, managing director of special mention Chinese publishing association, 240000 species of ancient books bibliography, and at present in China in the future two or three five-year plans will continue to organize thousands of species, "the best situation is that China has more than 20 professional ancient books publishing organization of ancient books in active, countries have set up a special fund to support editing and publishing of ancient books, from the concept, from the capital, from the publisher has the very good implementation, have perfect mechanism."