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Total Daily Use Bag Amazing Chinese
Feb 21, 2017

China is a big country consumption of resources, the population reached 1.3 billion, the total daily use bag is also quite amazing. 

According to the latest statistics show that the country only in the market every day to buy food for the bag on the consumption of more than one billion, per capita consumption of one per day, can not not feel surprised. But 10 bags, only 100 million are environmentally friendly bags, accounting for 10% of the proportion, the proportion is relatively low. 

Shenzhen bag consumption devoted to the city conducted a survey of the city one day using a total of 10 million times, data is very large. 10 million bags pads together, compress it nearly more than 500 m, which in the majority of plastic bags, paper bags few. 

Therefore, in order to better protect the environment , everyone should start from me , more use of recycled bags .