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The Year 2018 Is Coming To An End. What Has Happened To Printers This Year?
Dec 25, 2018

December, the last month of 2018 has arrived, and it's time for the year-end review. Combing this year, we must have a million thoughts. What do the printers have to say about 2018, which is coming to an end?

01/ master li, "tomorrow or accident, I don't know which comes first"

Engaged in printing for more than three years.

One day last year, when I was working overtime at night, my right hand was accidentally rolled in by a rubber stick. At that time, the speed of 10,000 vehicles led to my lifelong disability.

I hate the printing industry, which has ruined my life!

I have been complaining about the work, but I have no chance to touch it in the future.

Too much unknown, safety first.

02/ xiao wang: "society is not a school, no one is waiting for you to grow up"

Graduation practice, alone on the back of a bag came to a printing factory opened a line of workshop life.

Until a year later, it is still on the line.

I think what awaits me after graduation is: dream of passion and tomorrow.

But the reality is so different.

Everyone is taking root.

03/ master liu "contentment is bliss"

I have been working in a printing factory for 12 years and have a family (the girlfriend that the printing factory is looking for). I am very happy.

What line of work is not hard or tired? We should have something to look forward to.

Children say they like it, adults only talk about responsibility.

04/ master fan: "mentality is important"

I started as an apprentice in 2009. I took notes every day, worked as an assistant for half a year, and started the machine in one year and eight months. I felt very proud at the beginning.

Now he is married and has two sons, but he can't make up his mind to change his career.

It is impossible to be foolproof, nor to take risks.

Put the state of mind will feel that this is actually life.

05/ master huang: "the truth is always cruel"

To make money, you must first learn to make yourself valuable.

Do the printing press long time, toward the printing engineer, you are an engineer in the future!

Toward the printing factory director efforts, the future you are a printing factory director!

If you always feel like a printing captain, it is doomed to be a printing captain waiting to be eliminated!

Life for everyone, pay and harvest is always proportional.

06/ master chang: "it is false not to be anxious, but it is impossible to be true"

It has been nearly eight years since the first company did printing.

Did screen printing, did the group leader, later because of the object to find children, do not do screen, taste.

Now open martini adhesive machine, has not changed the company.

Year after year.

True love can't get up, but I have no choice.

07/ master peng: "changing careers is just an option"

It changed its line of business in June.

Cut paper for 8 years, finally put!

Now I start a business with several brothers and grow flowers.

Hard, but there is a pentium!

Do not change the line is not important, do happy is the most important!

08/ master han "the situation is bigger than the sky"

Began to work in 1992, the national machine opened a time, money did not earn much.

It used to be ok, but now it's not as good as driving half of Heidelberg.

Witnessed the glory and decline of the printing industry, holding the heart of selling white powder, holding the money of selling cabbage.

Sometimes the tragedy of an industry is not that it disappears, but that it gets worse every year.

09/ Mr. Du: "it is true that the first half of life is hard work and the second half of life is easy."

No way, dry printing for more than ten years.

Too many helpless too many suffocate, do not want to do early, but have old below have small do not do how to do?

The only thing you get is astigmatism in your eyes, and lung disease caused by inhaling large amounts of powder.

I admit I'm scared, and I don't want to take any chances.

I didn't expect it to be great.

I just want to have a good home.


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