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The Three Main Functions Of The Gift Box
Dec 17, 2018

First, protect goods

As the name suggests, packaging is a coat of the product that acts as a protective product. During the transportation process, the product is naturally inevitably bumped and easily worn, and the packaging can effectively prevent these natural damages. Not only that, it also prevents various chemical reactions and other forms of accidents. Reasonable packaging has the functions of shock resistance, compression resistance, tensile strength, anti-squeezing and anti-wear. Some packaging can solve the sunscreen, moisture, corrosion, leakage, and flameproof problems of the goods to ensure the integrity of the goods.


Second, the aesthetic packaging

The packaging is made of natural or man-made materials. From the beginning of the design, the shape of the packaging is consciously designed by the color, texture and type of the product to reflect its beauty and attract people's attention.


Third, the convenience of circulation

The human factor is a very important aspect of packaging design, which emphasizes humanity and convenience. Design packaging in consideration of various environments, in terms of storage, transportation and use. For example, when storing a product, it is necessary to select a suitable package according to the characteristics of the product, so that the loss is minimized when the accident occurs.