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The Thickness Of Kraft Paper
Dec 14, 2017

The thickness of kraft paper is related to the number of grams. If you want to understand the range of thickness, you should first understand the scope of the gram. 

How much is the thickness of kraft paper, the thin and the thick, white kraft paper, yellow kraft paper, the most thin and thick with slightly different gram weight, recycled paper pulp and wood pulp do equal under heavy thickness will also vary, in particular renewable pulp will be thicker than the wood pulp, but the difference is not too big. 

The thickness of kraft paper is: 

  1. The minimum number of kraft is usually about 28 grams, and the thickness is about 0.04 mm. The top 200 grams, the thickness is about 0.3 mm, so it is the thinnest, the thickest thickness range between 0.04 and 0.3 mm; 

  2. There is an exception in kraft paper thickness, which is usually white kraft paper, which can reach up to 300 grams and 300 grams of white kraft paper thickness is about 0.38 mm. 

The number of cattle-card counting ranges from 100 to 450 grams. 

  1. The thickness of 100 grams of the lowest number of card-card paper is 0.12 mm, and the thickness of 450 grams is about 0.63 mm, so the thickness of the paper is about 0.12 to 0.63 mm. 

  2. There is an exception product coated with bovine paper, the number of coated bovine cardboard can reach 630 grams, and the thickness is about 0.8mm, which is the thickest of the paper. 

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