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The Role Of Calligraphy In The Packaging Box Design Elements
Dec 14, 2016

Is a prominent theme, enhanced visual impact, attract high attention. In the design of packaging boxes, writing elements and printed character can play a role in transmission of information, but characteristic of block structured, concise, rational, easy to read, but it's hard to have enough vision to stay. Calligraphy because of its flexible structure, lines full of change, exaggerated, including emotions and unique a unique advantage, often instantly attracts the viewer's attention, attract the attention of consumers.

B is the product of culture. Calligraphy is the accumulation and concentration of Chinese culture for thousands of years. Structure from a calligraphy pen, we can see Confucianism advocates harmony, peace of the Chiang Kai-shek from calligraphy business locations in, density, you can experience nature method using Taoist thoughts from calligraphy pen "Jane light" and "void", you can appreciate the silence and emptiness of Zen thought. Calligraphy element is used to pass on the packaging box design of rich cultural connotations, is also printed the text difficult.

Third, traditional charm in favour of building products, local and ethnic customs. In modern packaging gift box became main tide dominated of situation Xia, in away from city, traffic inconvenience of village and mountain, still retained with many traditional of products making way and business way, this class products place of, and nationalization of features more obviously, as traditional snacks, and pastry, and crafts, and tourism souvenirs,, this class products hard with modern packaging of form to completed, with calligraphy elements packaging is can perfect of convey out products of geographical color and culture traditional and national style.