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The Reason Why The Packaging Paper Is Wrinkled
Dec 10, 2018

The reason why the packaging paper is wrinkled

The boutique packaging box is composed of two parts, a face paper and a gray board. The gray board is the core of the box, and the face paper is the face of the box. It can be said that it is a main and a main outside, so the two are equally important. Packing box printing must be both internal and external to make a perfect box. Wrinkling of the paper means that it will seriously affect the appearance of the box. Today, I will share with you the reasons for the wrinkling of the paper and how to prevent it.


The paper is generally 157g coated paper, and the process of wrinkling may occur in the printing of the packaging, which are printing,  laminating , hot gold/silver stamping , UV, Die Cut etc. When printing, the paper is curled due to problems such as the pressure of the machine, and wrinkles appear after compaction. When the glue is applied, the outer surface of the paper is wrinkled because of the folds of the film. The creping of gilding, uv, etc. is due to the wrinkling of the paper caused by the manual roll paper. Therefore, once the wrinkling of the packaging box appears, the reason is found in these several processes. In the end, what is wrong, and then reasonable avoidance of mistakes, to ensure that it will not be committed again next time.


Once you find wrinkles, stop at the first time to find the cause to prevent further damage.