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The Reason Why The Box Printing Is Crushed And Damaged
Nov 24, 2018


 The reason why the box printing is crushed and damaged  

The reason why the carton is easy to break, this has always been a headache for us. Because of the paper quality, the texture is relatively soft, even if the gray board will deform after the impact. Therefore, the box printing factory is very careful about the protection of the box. Smaller boxes are usually packed in cartons, and large boxes are also packed with paper. Be very careful during transportation to avoid collisions.

Many people will question the role of the gift box, so it is useful to do so. This is not the case. The packaging that is easy to deform is actually the corners and does not affect the products inside. However, it will affect the appearance of the box, which is difficult for customers to accept and is crushed before the product is installed. Damage during transportation can be avoided by anyone, whether it is a carton or a wooden box or a tin box.

Therefore, the box printing factory will advise the customer to add a layer of express carton packaging outside the gift box, so that the box can be protected from damage. Most customers can't accept the damage of the appearance of the box, so the printing house will not protect the box before shipment, and will tell the customer that it can't be pressed.

The crushing of the gift box is a very troublesome problem, so the box printing factory requires the customer to check it at the time of acceptance. Once the goods are received, the crash is the customer's own problem.