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The Publicity Department Of The Central Committee Of The Printing And Distribution Bureau Has A New Job Deployment
Jan 03, 2019

New era to carry on in-depth publicity xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party's 19 big spirit, the implementation of the national work conference on propaganda thought deployment, better to "raise the flag, hearts, people, culture, exhibition image" mission, set up product quality safety risk monitoring system, timely publishing potential product quality safety risk assessment warning, avoid negative influence of quality and safety accidents, ensure the cultural products consumer rights and interests of the people, promote the development of China's printing quality, recently, The printing and distribution bureau of the central publicity department commissioned the publishing product quality supervision and testing center of the central publicity department (hereinafter referred to as the "quality inspection center") to start the construction of the quality safety risk monitoring system for publishing products.

This work focuses on tracking and monitoring the quality and safety of published products concerned by readers, involving health problems, unclear standards and prominent hidden dangers. It is planned to use 3-5 years to gradually establish a mechanism for collecting, sorting out, analyzing and evaluating the relevant technical indicators of published products in three stages. The monitoring results can be used for the assessment and early warning of the quality and safety risks of published products, the formulation and revision of relevant standards and the supervision and management of the industry, etc., so as to finally realize the effective prevention and early warning of the quality and safety risks of published products. The specific planning is as follows.

One is to establish a risk point screening and monitoring mechanism. Adhere to the problem orientation, organize research and identification of publishing product quality and safety risk points, develop specific monitoring programs for these risk points, carry out sampling test, carry out risk assessment, study countermeasures, and issue risk prevention and control early warning.

Second, the publication of product quality and safety risk monitoring and management measures and implementation rules. In the process of risk monitoring, it shall timely summarize good experience and practices in risk identification, monitoring, assessment, early warning, treatment and other aspects, draft relevant management measures and implementation rules, and issue and implement them by industrial administrative departments on the basis of widely soliciting opinions of relevant units.

The third is to build a national quality and safety risk monitoring network of publishing products with local quality inspection sub-centers and quality inspection institutions as the nodes. To guide local quality inspection institutions to carry out quality and safety risk monitoring activities in coordination, build risk monitoring data information platform, realize real-time update and effective sharing of monitoring data, timely grasp the changing trend of quality and safety risks, and provide data reference and technical support for industry supervision and standard formulation.

According to the general work deployment of the printing and distribution bureau, the quality inspection center has selected all kinds of paper books with teenagers as the main audiences from October to December of this year as the pilot monitoring objects, and carried out spot check and testing. In the next step, we will further expand the scope of pilot monitoring, collect more relevant data indicators, constantly improve testing methods, establish scientific judgment standards, adhere to the effect guidance, and promote the implementation of the monitoring work of quality and safety risks of published products.