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The Importance Of The Package Printing Program
Dec 31, 2018

A good solution can not only make the box look better, but also reduce the cost. Some time ago, Miss Chen in Shenzhen, designed a packaging box in the design company and then asked for a box printing manufacturer. After asking price from several factories, the average price was actually more than USD13.5 . This is far beyond the budget of Miss Chen, and the project was once in trouble.

  It was not until the founding of Shenzhen Box Printing Factory Hongcai Printing that there was a turnaround. The design of the design and the customer's product found that the design of the box was very inadequate. The customer felt that Hong Cai was very professional and asked Mr. Li to disscuss the business. In the face of the customer's request, Mr. Li accepted it with pleasure and went to visit the next day. After a deep understanding of what customers want and products, I immediately thought of a set of money-saving solutions. After returning, according to Mr. Li's plan, the price of the package printing is USD4.5  cheaper than the price of the other, just in line with the customer's budget. Very happy to say that they want to place an order for Hong Cai, and they paid a deposit proof after designing the document.

  Mr. Li did not let Miss Chen disappoint, and Miss Chen, who was proofing the box, was also very satisfied. Immediately, the order was given to the Hongcai Printing Factory. Because the boxes were more complicated and the craftsmanship was more than half a month. If you have a complicated box, you may wish to consult Hongcai Printing.