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The Difference Between The Design Of The Packaging Box And The Design Company
Jan 07, 2019

Many people have questions about design, and feel that manufacturers are not good at designing and don't know how to change them. In fact, the design of the packaging box printing factory is not a professional creative designer, and there is a big gap between the charging and professional design companies. And many people can't understand the difference. The professional design company can design the box you like, and the box printing factory can only design what you need.

  The biggest difference between the two is that one can provide the design independently, and the other is to design it. One is to create one and just design it. From the price of the box printing factory generally receives a few hundred basic labor costs, and the design company's set of packaging must be at least four or five thousand, of which the difference is very large. Therefore, those companies with strength will find professional design companies, which is convenient and worry-free. And some customers who don't want to spend so much money and think about themselves will look for the design of the box printing factory. If they design, they can directly look at the effect. It can also be said that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although the design company has designed it to look good, the size and some process aspects are not necessarily suitable, and the packaging box printing factory design does not have to worry about this.

  The above is the difference between the design of the packaging printer and the design company. I hope everyone can understand the difference. If you need to design the packaging box, please choose according to your needs. If you have a choice of packaging box printing factory, please contact Hongcai Printing.