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The Development Of Modern Packaging Box Design
Dec 14, 2016

Modern packaging box design is a dynamic concept, it is primarily a consumer and customer demand, in line with the market, in line with business, meet the beautiful, artistic design concepts.

(1) the packaging box design during the industrial revolution, in the form of simple, play a role in protecting goods, modeling simple, ugly, reflects the industrial production reduced in process under way;

(2) the period of Art Nouveau and art deco movements of the packaging box design, packaging has a great deal of progress in the period of the industrial revolution, is no longer a simple functional form, there has been a combination of art and technology package. They emphasize the decorative packaging art, symbolism, bright screen, more powerful;

(3) packaging box design of the modernist period, is the packaging design of form follows function, emphasized the function-first design, using straight lines, curves, geometry of design elements, simple colors, creating a simple, practical, beautiful and modern packaging design;

(4) packaging box design of the post-modern era, when the packaging is the packaging of the modernist period of a criticism and inheritance; simple commodity design of modern packaging boxes are the same, overly stylized abuses, and an eclectic ideology against the art of the classical period, a combination of classic and modern design.