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Stylish Reusable Shopping Bag Costumes On Display In Beijing
Feb 20, 2017

Stylish reusable shopping bags in Beijing costumes on display -------- 2008 Beijing shopping bags, packaging bags exhibition opening today at the International Exhibition Center Current State "plastic limit" in-depth in the October 23, 2008 By implementing the background, reusable shopping bags market ushered in a lot of business opportunities. This morning, the three-day "2008 Beijing shopping bags, packaging bags Exhibition" Beijing China International Exhibition Center opened. Reporters on the scene saw nearly 200 companies exhibited at the show site thousands of beautiful and stylish woven bags. All kinds of shopping bags with non-woven materials for many, in addition to paper shopping bags, biodegradable plastic bags; Shandong biodegradable materials will be made into a green company exhibited shopping bags popular with viewers, Jiangsu Mowei textile Co., Ltd. exhibited Bauhinia brand natural hemp textile shopping bags, attracted many foreign investors negotiate. Exhibition held on the same day attracted a large number of buyers and professional visitors to the pavilion, according to the organizing committee to statistics, the first day will be a few more than 10,000 professional visitors, including from Germany, the United States, France, Britain, Japan, South Korea thousand spectators, dozens of supermarkets from the north, northeast, shopping centers, supermarkets, chain stores, procurement managers to choose the right supplier. The show features a variety of new shopping bag is not only green, but also beautiful and stylish, colorful, fashionable. The show will also display advertising shopping bags, advertisers assume certain production costs, thus reducing the price of shopping bags. The exhibition also showcased the latest bags materials and processing equipment, printing equipment, production lines, and exhibits covering the whole industry chain. The show exhibits the full range, excellent quality of exhibitors, a huge number of buyers, a lot of supporting activities. According to reports, the show is not only open to industry professionals, will also be free of enthusiastic environmental cause ordinary people open. Organizing Committee will give a day to visit before 1000 spectators free distribution of a beautifully woven reusable shopping bags, so shopping bags into the lives of ordinary people.