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"Shopping" You And Me
Mar 04, 2017

        "Shopping," you and me! The annual June 5 is World Environment Day, I do not know how many people know this day, if you do not know the importance hope this article can look. World Environment Day this year, China's theme is "green consumption" is meant to emphasize the popularity of the concept of green consumption, called for universal changes in consumer attitudes and behavior, energy conservation and protecting the environment. Today around us are still filled with many non-green consumer behavior, indicating that most people do not develop a healthy and rational consumption concept, still pollute the environment. 
          Many people may not know much about "green consumption" really means that the consumer is spending some green green products. In fact, this is just one part of his meaning. Green consumption mainly includes three meanings: First, buy green products that help clean and healthy products; Second, establish the concept of sustainable consumption concept, is the pursuit of a healthy and comfortable at the same time consumption, should pay attention to environmental protection, energy conservation and resources; Third, pay attention to the consumption process of garbage disposal, reduce the pollution of the environment. 
         "Green consumption" practice from our lives a little bit of the little things, for example, usually just go out shopping, bring along a non-woven bags, and a lot of use; when buy food to cook, "who set quantitative "Reducing food waste; home use energy-saving lamps and so on. There are many places in life can be done green consumption, but a lot of people usually do not pay attention to nothing. 
          Green consumption, you and I peer, let us act together to save every drop of water from each unit of electricity, every piece of paper began to consciously cultivate green consumption, low carbon environmental good practice, common care of our homes.