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Shaanxi Customer's Apple Packaging Order
Dec 28, 2018

The choice of foreign customers, this is the biggest recognition of a box printing manufacturer. No matter in that area, there are packaging factories, and manufacturers that can make customers close to each other must have their own unique features. Hongcai Printing has just released a batch of Apple packaging Boxes, which is a customer sale Apple in Shaanxi. I believe everyone knows that this kind of box can be done everywhere, but why does the customer choose the box printing factory in Shenzhen?

  The biggest reason is the recognition of the quality of Hongcai. It turned out that the customer had seen the Apple packaging Box of the Supreme Treasure made by Hong Cai long ago. At that time, the quality was very good. Later, when he found the supplier online, he found out that it was done in Hongcai. This is also the biggest reason why customers go to the local box printing factory to choose Hongcai, and the customers themselves are not very familiar with the material technology of the Apple packaging box. And just Hong Cai has ready-made material cutters for packaging, etc., which also saves customers a lot of trouble.

  Because the Hongcai material and the knife model are available, they are shipped 5 days after receiving the file. they received the goods in seven days, the box is beautiful and the size is just right. Successfully helped save a lot of trouble and also advanced the delivery two days earlier. Hongcai also harvested a Shaanxi customer, which is the guarantee of professional quality. If you need to make an apple packaing box or other boxes, please contact Hong Cai Printing.