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Selection Of Paper For Packaging Carton
Dec 05, 2018

The choice of paper for packaging carton. It is often said that the definition of a package refers to a folded carton and a corrugated cardboard box made of two materials, namely cardboard and fine corrugated cardboard.

Packing and carton packaging printing generally has the following forms: Box: corrugated carton, corrugated carton; ordinary brown corrugated carton: commonly used for 3-layer corrugated carton, 5-layer corrugated carton, packaged product, to be sealed with tape; white box : Corrugated (3 or 5) white box, corrugated white box, sealing tape should be used after product packaging; main color display box, display box, display box PVC cover, etc.; gift box: generally used for packaging of jewelry, stationery and other products .

Commonly used packaging materials have the following points: 

white paper: plain paper, copy paper, crepe paper; bubble paper / cashmere / polyvinyl alcohol sponge / pearl cotton; packaging: white box , brown box, color box.

Although the packaging of the carton is important for the packaging of the product, the beautiful appearance of the packaging manufacturer must also be considered. And consider the cost and economic factors of packaging materials. Therefore, there are several issues to be aware of when selecting the raw materials for the package:

Equality: The quality and packaging of a product itself must be met, because it is obviously not appropriate to get a very luxurious box for a few dollars in a price. On the contrary, if a thousand pieces of jewelry are packed in a cardboard box, it is not suitable. Therefore, the choice of packaging materials should be differentiated according to the grade of packaging materials, mid-range, low-grade. Like some high-end electronic products, because of their high price and easy damage, in order to ensure the safety of the product, better performance is required when selecting packaging materials. Jewelry, imported goods, and cosmetics are generally used to satisfy the vanity of consumers, and packaging materials are also used. And most mid-range packaging products are considered to be economical, and the packaging materials are roughly the same as the products themselves. For some low-end products, they are often sold in large quantities, mainly in affordable types such as batteries, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.

Adaptability of packaging carton: In transportation products, we also need to consider that packaging materials can adapt to transportation conditions, especially for some foods, special attention should be paid to long-term weather and road transportation. There are significant temperature differences between the climate and the environment in different regions, which also makes manufacturers cautious when choosing packaging materials. In addition, because aircraft, trains, ships, and automobiles have different requirements for packaging materials, manufacturers must understand what kind of transportation methods to choose which packaging materials.