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Reusable Shopping Bags Imperative Pacific "Big Garbage Patch" Ecological Impacts
Mar 04, 2017
A report recently released by the U.S. discuss personnel showed the North Pacific Ocean plastic trash heap, constitute a "Great Pacific Garbage Patch," an area with considerable Texas, threatening the ecology of the area. Scripps Oceanographic Research Institute seminar pointed out that if the density of plastic waste continues to expand, balanced marine ecosystems will be broken. 
White trash spread of humans will eventually eat its consequences. Thus, we have the obligation and responsibility to the "white pollution" a full range of environmental governance. Currently, we have a comprehensive promotional use plastic bags or less, from the start bit of life to cut harmful white trash. It should be recognized that the elimination of white trash bags epitaxial far less simple. White trash is generally considered difficult degradable plastic waste, all kinds of plastic products that use polystyrene, polypropylene, PVC and other polymers made using the waste after disposal of solid waste. 
Because plastic bags are chemical products, so that, in reality, people are accustomed to white pollution blamed chemicals. Do not understand, and they can learn ways to maximize the chemical degradation of white pollution reduced pollution levels. 
The trouble should end it. "Of" white trash solution, we must first solve the problem is technical support. Production of plastic and biodegradable plastic two technologies are complementary, if the production technology has become a burden on the degradation of technology, pollution will naturally produce, but also reveal the degradation of immature technology. Coordination chemical degradation techniques and production technology, not only can bring economic benefits, but more importantly for the use of chemical products and establish a green consumer confidence, changes to the prejudice of chemical products from concept to practice from a practical environmental action .