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Production Standard For Gift Box Packaging Manufacturers
Jan 14, 2019

The gift box is the most advanced of all the box types, and it is also the most complicated box for work. This is also the fact that most packaging manufacturers are recognized, not only need professional equipment but also professional masters. The price of a gift box is also very expensive and tends to be more than double the cost of a pit box or a cardboard box. It is precisely because of its high cost that the packaging box manufacturers do not dare to make mistakes. Often, it is necessary to face tens of thousands of losses when doing a bad batch of boxes. For this reason, Hongcai Printing has put together a few points to pay attention to the gift box, hoping to help everyone.

  First, the gift box is generally a fixed structure, the stability of the structure and the aesthetics are very important. The important factor to maintain stability is the gray board, so the box manufacturer must pay attention to the material selection of the gray board. The thickness of the gray board is determined by the size of the box, and the large box must use a thick gray board. Otherwise, it is easy to appear that the surface of the box is too soft to touch, which seriously affects the stability and aesthetics of the box.

  Second, the size of the box must be accurate, the gift box is composed of the inner gray board and the outer paper. The facial tissue must be larger than the gray board and the appropriate sticky edge should be left. If there is too much, there will be a situation where the blasting plate will appear if there is a detonation phenomenon. The most important thing is the size of the gray board. If it is a little wrong, the hardcover gift box that is made will be ugly. Therefore, the packaging manufacturer must size the dimensions to the millimeter to ensure accuracy.

  Third, the choice of gift box glue, the general packaging box manufacturers commonly used box glue there are two, one is white latex is a hot melt adhesive. In fact, the hot melt adhesive of the normal gift box is the best. The hot melt adhesive is not only sticky but also fast, and the leaking glue can be wiped off directly with a damp cloth. Packing box manufacturers know that white latex must be added with water to get on the machine, and the paper is very absorbent, so it will affect the dryness of the box.

  The production of the packaging box determines the quality of a batch of goods, often a detail is not done, it will affect the entire batch of goods. I believe that every box manufacturer will strictly control the quality, but the method is the most important. If you need a custom gift box, you may wish to contact the professional packaging box manufacturer