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Paper Industry In Twists And Turns Ahead Of The Three Recommendations To Help Win 2019!
Jan 09, 2019

Nowadays, paper is everywhere in our life: packaging to use paper, learning to use paper, information dissemination to use paper, daily life to use paper... Paper is so widely used and important that the paper industry has been concerned by many countries in recent years.

Since the beginning of this century, China's paper industry has developed relatively prosperous, the market is thriving, the pace of transformation and upgrading has been accelerating, the supply structure has improved significantly, the ability of scientific and technological innovation has been enhanced, green manufacturing has developed vigorously, and the production scale has been ranked the first in the world for eight consecutive years. The paper industry welcomes the healthy and rapid development at the same time, but also for the national light industry to contribute to the strong and excellent development.

In fact, papermaking industry is not only the direct consumer goods industry related to people's livelihood, as well as a very important basic raw material industry, but also one of the important components of China's light industry, and the light industry with the development, rise and fall, co-prosperity, effectively promoting the effective development of China's real economy, and is closely related to the people's good life.

But in recent years, the development of paper industry is not plain sailing, its remarkable achievements, but also facing serious problems and challenges. On the one hand, the shortage of domestic production resources and the high external dependence of raw materials make the sustainability and stability of papermaking industry risky. On the other hand, the majority of medium - and low-end technology and equipment enterprises, so that the development of unbalanced phenomenon outbreak, the industrial structure needs to be optimized.

At the same time, the national environmental protection laws and regulations are increasingly perfect, environmental protection supervision and law enforcement is increasingly strict, the rising labor costs, raw materials prices continue to rise, the further rise of trade protectionism, as well as the accelerated rise of new intelligent technology, paper industry development has brought higher requirements and challenges.

In such cases, into the New Year of 2019, pulp and paper industry to break out of it, from the many challenges in the tortuous road to find the direction, all the enterprises need to industry, set up development ideas, correct 勠 concentric, strive forward, strong innovation, adhere to the green development, jointly create a new situation of the industry development.

Here, China intelligent manufacturing network puts forward the following three development Suggestions, hoping to help the paper industry and enterprises win in 2019:

First, we will continue to give priority to green development. Over the past few years, the country put forward the concept of scientific development, proposed the innovation, the coordination, the development of green, development, sharing new ideas, and proposed the new concept of "green water castle peak is jinshan silver", the papermaking industry to do to implement these new requirements, the green development priority position, form the development of environmental protection, energy saving, green new way.

The majority of paper enterprises should adhere to green development, adhere to environmental protection priority, take the road of ecological civilization development. First of all, save resources, fully improve the comprehensive utilization rate of raw materials, strengthen the utilization of waste paper, broaden the recycling channels, promote recycling; Secondly, reduce energy consumption, strengthen papermaking equipment technology and technology, improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources; Finally, it is necessary to reduce pollution and effectively prevent environmental pollution and ecological damage by limiting waste discharge and strengthening solid waste disposal.

Second, we will continue to take scientific and technological innovation as the driving force. At present, in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform tide, and China's development mode rapid transformation of the important stage of historical intersection, is the domestic paper industry to achieve industrial upgrading, from big to strong, from fast to good key period, adhere to innovation-driven is crucial.

Therefore, the paper industry should strengthen the development of the new generation of pulp technology, strengthen the research and development of clean separation, membrane separation, new coating, waste water reuse, biomass refining and other cutting-edge technologies, with advanced pulp technology and new environmental protection technology, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the paper industry. It is necessary to strengthen the innovation of papermaking equipment, improve equipment manufacturing capacity, accelerate the process of automation, numerical control and intelligent equipment, promote the integration of process technology research and development with papermaking equipment manufacturing, and promote the overall level of papermaking equipment with scientific and technological innovation, so as to drive the whole papermaking industry to become better and stronger.

Third, adhere to the quality of supply as the direction. The report of the 19th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) pointed out that "the focus of the construction of a modernized economic system is on the real economy, and the improvement of the supply quality system should be taken as the main direction of development". Facing this important strategic decision based on the overall situation and facing the future, the paper industry needs to be one of the links to enhance China's economic quality advantage.

In view of this, the paper industry in 2019 needs to accelerate the application of intelligent and information technology, promote lean management, personalized customization, supply chain coordination, market rapid response and other modern production methods, and comprehensively improve the production efficiency and manufacturing level of the paper industry. We should conscientiously implement the strategy of "three products", actively optimize the variety structure of paperboard, paper products, special paper, household paper, packaging paper and printing and writing paper, and vigorously improve the design level and production quality of paper products, so as to enhance the overall competitiveness of China's papermaking industry with rich varieties, excellent quality and excellent brands.