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Paper And Board Packaging Boosted By Electronic Commerce
Feb 14, 2017

Paper and board packaging (folding, corrugated board or cardboard for liquids) holds onto its leadership position in global consumption, amounting to USD261 billion6 in 2015. It is forecast to retain this position in 2020 with a CARG of 3.5%.

In 2015, China was the biggest market, ahead of the USA, and will represent nearly a quarter of global consumption in 2020. India and South Korea are forecast to record high growth.

The expansion of on-line commerce is beneficial to board packaging in countries where this material dominates, such as in China where Alibaba ships 12 million parcels per day, and in India. And board packaging is changing because over 30% of on-line purchases are returned – hence the necessity for packaging that is easy to open and to reseal – and because e-commerce places emphasis on packaging to maximise the customer experience.