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Packing Gift Box Made Of The Importance Of Color, Shape, Materials
Dec 14, 2016

Nice packaging box design is an important means of enterprises to create profits. Strategic positioning accuracy, compliance with consumer product packaging box design, can help companies stand out in numerous competition brands, and the company won the "reliable" reputation.

Packaging box design to create brand awareness marketing means packaging design brand message, build brand recognition, so that consumers know the product brand name, brand attributes, and build brand image. In the abundance of goods today, consumers ' attention spans are very short for each product, you must catch the eyes of the consumer from the moment swept the shelves.

Only packaging boxes capable of comprehensive utilization of elements such as color, shape, material, and showed enterprise content and information such as product, brand, highlighting the products and consumers ' interests in common, a more visual impact to consumers, thus affecting consumers of products and impressions, make the product stand out on the shelves, effectively completed the purpose of attracting consumers.