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Packing Box Printing Professional Style Recommended
Dec 25, 2018

As a local packaging box printing manufacturer in Shenzhen, we often encounter consultations from customers around Shenzhen. Recently, a Taiwanese Mr. Ye found Bo Lin Printing, which is a box that needs to be customized. The requirement is very simple and the atmosphere is normal. Generally, the coat itself is relatively large and cannot be folded, so the size of the box is relatively large. At first, the customer was more inclined to the gift box, but the color box was selected under the suggestion of the Hongcai printing manufacturer .

  First of all, such a large box is too expensive to consider as a gift box, and the weight of the box is also a big problem. In terms of appearance, the color box and the gift box are still very close. From the perspective of environmental protection and health, the color box is also more suitable for clothes. However, the customer still insisted on proofing the effect, so the box printing factory gave two samples and reported the price separately. Finally, the customer decided to choose a color box that is cheaper and more suitable, and ordered 8,000 orders at a time.

  This shows that good advice is given to the customer, and the customer will give you good results. As a professional packaging and printing factory, it is necessary to provide customers with the necessary professional insights. If you need to print the box, please contact Hongcai Printing.