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Packaging Boxes Gravure Ink Usage Considerations
Dec 14, 2016

Packaging box printing several ink printing is a relatively popular printing technology, a lot of food packaging ink because ink printing to facilitate environmental protection, packaging printing and saving a lot of links, here we look at the packaging boxes gravure inks use matters needing attention:

First clean the printing plate

Packaging is a gift to the new uses for the first time, need to use alcohol to clean surfaces soiled, prevent contamination of water ink after printing is complete, but also thoroughly clean the plates with a special cleaning agent, and use a dry cloth to wipe dry after putting them into boxes saved next time must still be used with alcohol wipe after machine use to prevent ink dry in the network.

Second downtime required

Intermittent outages, downtime version, while the blade release. If you need to shut down for a long time, using alcohol to clean the printing plate to prevent ink drying up in the points.

Yu Mo III recycling

In the process of making packaging gift boxes after each production, filter the remaining mixed inks you want, otherwise the next time you use due to falling dust, crust when dry, paper fiber into dirty or blocked. Filtered water ink poured into plastic barrels sealed to prevent volatile amines.

IV appropriate matching

Ink in the long cycle, stability due to the large number of volatile amines variation. To avoid this problem, should be as little as possible with some matching, added new ink should be based "and less" principle.

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