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Only 1 Paper Enterprises Was Stop By Environment Protection Bureau
Dec 13, 2018

CPP114 】 【 news: in October, ecological environment agency established in jiangsu province ", jiangsu province peak production in the fall and winter weather and heavy pollution emergency stop control limit production exemption management approach (trial) ", November 29, jiangsu department of environmental protection released into the first peak production in the fall and winter weather and heavy pollution emergency stop control limit production exemption list, yangzhou yongfeng remaining in the column.

Environmental protection bureau exemption, yangzhou yongfengyu this winter without stopping production restrictions

In October, the department of ecological environment of jiangsu province formulated the administrative measures of production suspension and limit exemption for emergency control of off-peak production and heavy pollution weather in autumn and winter of jiangsu province (trial). Way clear pollution emission levels significantly better than other enterprises or companies involved in major people's livelihood security industry, to ensure compliance with the requirement of environmental management and the premise of discharging standard, in jiangsu province, when performing a peak production plan in the fall and winter waived production, limit production, or in the process of heavy pollution weather emergency controls, was scheduled for early warning and response level requirements of production, waived, performed in accordance with the minimum limit production proportion limit production.

Up to now, through the procedures of enterprise declaration, county and city preliminary examination, city level review and public announcement, a total of 200 enterprises in jiangsu province have met the exemption requirements and been included in the first batch of autumn and winter off-peak production and heavy pollution weather emergency control list.

In the list of the first batch of 200 enterprises, only one papermaking enterprise is yongfengyu papermaking (yangzhou) co., LTD. The company has three production lines, which were respectively put into production in 2006, 2007 and 2013, respectively. The production of kraft core paper, kraft surface paper and corrugated base paper has a total production capacity of nearly 1 million tons.

Next, according to the principle that the department of ecological environment will lead other enterprises in pollution control in the same industry, it will release a batch of list of exempted enterprises. We hope that qualified enterprises from all over the country will apply eagerly. At the same time, ecological and environmental departments at all levels will implement the list of exempted enterprises in the process of off-peak production and emergency management and control of heavy pollution weather according to the list of exempted enterprises. Once any enterprise is found to have committed fraud, serious emission exceeding the standard and other illegal behaviors in the production process, the exemption will be cancelled in time and the application qualification for the next year will be cancelled.