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New Order From The Garment Factory
Jan 03, 2019

Jiahong Garment, a clothing company in Hong Kong, found the official website of the packaging printing company Hongcai Printing on the Internet last week. At that time, I saw a very nice gift box, and contacted Hongcai's customer service to ask about the price. After Ms. Hong Cai Xie asked about the size and material, the approximate price given was shocked by Manager Zhang. Originally, Manager Zhang was fascinated by a gift box with a gray board. The required size was 400*360*90mm, and the price was of course very high.

  Knowing that the box is printed, the gift box is the most expensive box, and the price increase is multiplied. After Miss Xie learned about Manager Zhang’s needs and approximate budget, she recommended the corrugated box. And said that you can bring a sample to visit the customer to see the effect, after the manager agrees to give a quote. Because it is better to talk to Manager Zhang, on the spot, I will give the free proofing effect first, and then place the order after I am satisfied. It takes 5-7 days for the normal package to be printed, because the manager is more anxious, so Hongcai gave the model in only 3 days. Manager Zhang was also very helpful. After returning to the company on the spot, he received a deposit from Manager Zhang.

  A perfect box printing receipt took only 5 days, including proofing time. Although a minor misunderstanding occurred at the beginning, it did not affect the final cooperation. The professionalism of this Hongcai printing also has a great relationship. It is useless to not recommend the appropriate style to the customer. If you need to make a box, please contact Hongcai Printing.