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More Than 2,500 World-class Digital Printing Brands Gather In Shanghai
Dec 18, 2018

[CPP114] News: The success of the “Entering Expo” has greatly enhanced the global influence of the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. From March 5th to 8th, 2019, the 230,000 square meters "Shanghai International Advertising Festival", "Shanghai Guangyin Exhibition", "Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Expo (referred to as Shanghai Digital Expo)" will gather more than 2,500 worldwide. The digital printing brand continues to bloom in the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, bringing new technologies, new equipment, new materials and new achievements in the development of the global digital printing industry, enabling the global industry chain customers to share the huge dividends of the industry development and promote the industry. High quality development.

“Shanghai International Advertising Festival”, “Shanghai Guangyin Exhibition” and “Shanghai Digital Expo” take the “Entering Expo” Dongfeng to create a global digital printing brand event, help Chinese brands to go global, communicate with international brands and compete with each other. 

China has entered a new era of development and is on the way to adjusting its industrial structure, eliminating backward production capacity, strengthening green environmental protection and high-quality development. Chinese consumers need high-quality brands and products to pursue a better life.

The global professional brand event "Shanghai International Advertising Festival", "Shanghai Guangyin Exhibition", "Shanghai Digital Expo" Organizing Committee Innovation and Development, from March 5th to 8th, 2019, the foundation of more than 2,500 global brands In the world-famous Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center North Hall, the “Global Digital Printing Industry Boutique Exhibition Experience Zone” was launched. With the concept of “Digital Printing Industry”, we strive to create a world-class and global level in Shanghai, China. The exhibition experience platform is fully integrated with the international community, constantly discovering new equipment, new materials, new processes and new works in the digital printing industry, helping the industry to upgrade from traditional to digital and intelligent manufacturing to achieve high-quality development.

At the same time, the organizing committee will also integrate the “Shanghai Guangyin Exhibition” with more than 200,000 Chinese and foreign professional user buyers resources (including 40,000) based on the domestic and international cultural and creative resources of the “Shanghai International Advertising Festival” led by the Shanghai Municipal Government. More users and buyers from all over the world), interacting with more than 2,500 digital printing brand exhibitors to create a global boutique exhibition experience exchange event that will lead the development trend of the digital printing industry every year, and promote the printing industry in China. Digital and intelligent development.