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Introduce How To Use Main Printing Products
Jan 16, 2019

Due to the different types of business, the use of printed materials is different, mainly including the following:

Book and magazine printing: In the past, letterpress printing was used. In recent years, more lithographic printing has been used.

News printing: In the past, the use of the letterpress rotary printing, because of its rapid and large print volume. Recently, in order to meet the needs of color, a lithographic or gravure rotary machine (photocopying) printing has been used.

Advertising printing: including color pictures, pictorials, posters, etc., most of which use lithography, but also use letterpress, gravure or stencil printing.

Banknotes and other securities printing: mainly gravure printing, also need to be supported by letterpress printing.

Map printing: Photographic lithography is suitable. Because of its large size, high precision, more color, less printing, and the original is mostly monochrome.

Stationery printing: such as envelopes, letterheads, invitations, business cards, books, workbooks, etc., must be low-cost, a large number of printing, so the quality is not so good, mostly with letterpress printing as a priority.

Packaging and printing: small boxes such as all kinds of alkali beet and vegetable foods, candy, biscuits, candied fruit, large boxes, such as corrugated boxes for various types of packaging, and wallpapers for room decoration, etc., mostly in gravure printing.

Special printing: such as bottles, bronzing, embossing, hoses, electronics, circuits, stickers, tickets, foil.