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How To Pack And Transport Gift Boxes
Dec 06, 2018

How to pack and transport gift boxes

The gift box is not only more expensive to produce than the card box, but even the transportation cost is much different. The cartridges of the same size box can be folded up and the volume is extremely small. Since the gift box cannot be folded, it requires a lot of space and the transportation cost will be very large. Often a thousand large gifts have several parties, and shipping is a very big function. Let's talk specifically about how the gift box is shipped.

There are generally two cases in the gift box factory, one of which has a custom-made carton, and one that does not have a custom carton. If there is a carton, it will be directly packed, and the shipping cost will be very convenient. It can be shipped directly by box. And if there is no carton shipping costs, you must be very careful, generally there are two packaging methods; First, packaged with packaging paper, and then plated full-size delivery, so as to avoid damage as much as possible; Second, a special gift box It can be installed directly, wrapped in a film to prevent bumps. To sum up, it is necessary to pay for custom cartons and direct shipments. Or it is to install the plate, the whole version is shipped.


Because many customers' boxes still need to be shipped after the product is installed, most customers will customize the carton to install. This kind of scheme is more secure for the safety of gift boxes, and gift box manufacturers also recommend that customers should make matching cartons in advance.