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How To Design An Attractive Catalog
Jan 08, 2019

A good catalog attracts more than just its content, but more importantly, it combines pictures that play an important role. It is a bridge to communicate with customers, so that customers have an intuitive understanding, just like a poster, a promotional poster, and sell themselves out in the first time, but how can we make the picture of the brochure very attractive?

       A good catalog design must have some kind of corporate propaganda purpose, and it is very time-sensitive and impressive. This has high requirements for the images on the brochure. First of all, it has a remarkable effect: effectively use the visual effect of the graphics to attract the attention of the reader. This kind of momentary strong "eye-catching effect" can only be achieved by graphics. Reading effect: A good graphic design can accurately convey the theme, making it easier for readers to understand and accept the information it conveys. There are many ways to represent graphics. Traditional paintings and photographic techniques can produce graphics and images of different appearances and styles. Especially in recent years, the use of computer-aided design has greatly expanded the creation and performance of graphics. However, no matter what means, graphic design can be summarized into two categories: figurative and abstract.


       In addition to the beautiful images, it is not enough. These images are just some specific images. There are lines and colors, but if they are just messy, they have no effect. The graphic image of the specific image can represent the specific form of the objective object, and at the same time it can also express a certain artistic conception. It truly conveys the form beauty, texture beauty, color beauty, etc. of the object image with an intuitive image. It has a sense of reality, and it is easy to visually stimulate people's interests and desires, and psychologically obtain people's trust. In particular, some products with beautiful appearance often use real pictures to create a pleasing feeling through exquisite design. Because of these characteristics, the specific image is still dominant in the design of the brochure.

       Therefore, in the design of the album, the image is always easier for the reader to accept than the text, and the customer is accepting the first impression of your company. Therefore, when making and selecting the album design image, it must be limited and designed. Good pictures, finishing the perfect book design.