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How To Deal With The White Ink Printed In The Box
Jan 30, 2019

Most papers are white, but there are also a lot of colored special papers. However, some barcodes such as barcodes must be printed on white. In this case, a layer of white ink is printed on the paper and printed. It is often encountered in the printing of packaging boxes. Many boxes are made of special paper but need to be printed with barcodes. White ink is a kind of special ink, because the ink is not enough for the offset printing machine to print, it is usually silk screen.

  At the same time, the printing of white ink is also very particular. When printing in the box, it is necessary to screen the white ink to print other contents. First, to prevent other content from being covered by white ink, the accuracy of silk screen printing is not as high as offset printing; secondly, most of the silk screen printing ink is used to print the content on the top, and the first printing of white ink can save a process. Because of the light transmission of white ink, white ink generally has to be screen printed on two layers or more to prevent leakage of the ground color. Many customers can't distinguish between white ink and white, which means that the printed base color will appear white when there is no printed color in a specific place. Packing box printing generally only coated paper can be full-page printing, the white part of the special appearance is generally silk screen white ink.

  The above is the white ink treatment scheme of Bolin's analysis of the package printing, hoping to help everyone. If you have any questions in this regard, you can consult Bolin Printing, a professional packaging and printing factory.