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How Fast Is The Printing Box Of Lid And Base Box?
Jan 02, 2019

How cheap is the lid and base box, which is determined by the difficulty and simplicity. The artificial box is faster than the speed of the machine. Let's take a look at how simple it is to print the box. As the name suggests, lid and base Box is made up of a lid  and a base box. The lid is slightly larger than the base and can be placed on the bottom. In the current market, the molding machine can pack the world box, just need to use the machine box after the location is good.

  A semi-automatic molding machine can make 5,000 sets of lid and base box only need one day, and only needs three to five people to cooperate. This shows the simplicity of the printing of the world box, two people in front of the position, a person put the box into the machine, and then a person behind the glue can be packaged. Some of the shaped box or drawer box of the outer box forming machine can not be wrapped, and the flip box has to go to the box and one more step. Only the packaging package of lid and base box packaging can be packaged and shipped, very fast. There is also a fully automatic machine that saves labor, and directly uses the robot to align the machine packs. This is faster, and labor is saved and costs are lower.

  The printing of the lid and base box is the simplest of all the gift boxes, without any difficulty. As long as the box is not too big, there is no difficulty. If you need a box printing service, it is recommended that you choose Hongcai Printing.