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High-grade Belt Packaging Box Customized Solution
Jan 04, 2019

Any product is inseparable from packaging, and belts are no exception. A good belt can often be used for a lifetime, of course, such a belt also needs high-end packaging to set off. There are many options for customizing the belt box, and both the cardboard box and paper box can be used. Generally, according to the different grades of the belt, there are also boxes of different grades. Starting from the three aspects of box type, style and internal support, the following will explain to you a high-end belt packaging box.

  First of all, the box type has chosen a lid and base box according to the consistent and simple image of the client company. However, the selection of very high-grade black special paper in the selection of materials, with a super-feeling texture, so that a simple lid and base box is also very high-end. The custom-made interior of the belt packaging box is very high-grade eva flocking according to the grade of the product. The high-grade black eva is matched with the black flannel, which is very good in appearance and feel. In the content of the belt box, there is no choice to print. Instead, a bronzing is used instead, making it look very simple and upscale.

  Because the material of this belt box is very good, it looks very high-end atmosphere and the price is relatively high. The above is a high-end belt packaging box customization plan that we analyze with you today. If you need to customize the packaging box, please contact Hongcai Printing.