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Health Care Products Packaging Custom Materials, Box Type And Craft
Nov 26, 2018

Health care products packaging custom materials, box type and craft

Health care products once became the best gift for the elderly, and they are widely loved by the public because of their beneficial functions. Because of its unique features, the price of health care products is very high. Therefore, the customization requirements for the packaging of health care products are very high. Let us take a look at how the health care products are customized. The analysis is separately analyzed from material selection, box type selection, and process selection.

The first is the choice of materials, health care packaging customization, whether it is a larger box or a small box will use more than 1500g gray board. The use of coated paper in the face paper is relatively small, most of which are used in a variety of special papers, and the appearance is particularly good. Secondly, on the box type, the box type of the health care product packaging box is often a inner box, a flip box, and a shaped box. Like the ordinary world box, it is rarely used, it is a few high-end box type. In the process selection, because there are more special papers, it is not suitable for printing, and the hot stamping process is used instead of printing. Some high-end will also use the convex process and so on.

In short, the most important thing in the packaging of health care products is high-grade, and the appearance should be beautiful. Make customers look like high-end and expensive products.