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Guangdong Province Actively Promotes The Green Transformation Of The Paper Industry
Dec 10, 2018

Since the beginning of 2018, Guangdong Province has increased support for paper products enterprises to introduce advanced technologies, foster and expand leading enterprises in the industry, and promote the green transformation of the paper industry.

Adjust product structure

Actively develop high- and mid-range household paper and other products, accelerate the upgrading of low-end printing and writing paper, packaging paper and paperboard; improve the quality of all kinds of processed raw paper, coordinate with key processing paper mills, and vigorously develop special paper and industrial processing paper Relying on scientific and technological progress, improve the technical content of products, enhance the competitiveness of competitive enterprises; eliminate backward production processes and equipment.

Optimize the organizational structure of the enterprise

Support the expansion and transformation of key enterprises, realize the development of large-scale enterprise group and small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the coordination and support of large, medium and small paper-making enterprises, and expand their development space through measures such as adjustment, transformation and elimination; Small enterprises with poor product quality, small market demand, and heavy environmental pollution are unable to control and shut down.

Promote cleaner production

Actively develop and adopt new clean production technologies, new technologies and new equipments, and adhere to “mainly in the factory and supplemented by the factory” to promote comprehensive prevention and control. We will implement environmental prevention and control plans for papermaking enterprises with key pollution sources, solve the pollution control of straw pulp, and do a good job in pollution prevention and control of papermaking enterprises in the Jiulong River Basin. Implement clean production technology for new, modified and expanded projects, control the whole process and prevent pollution. For the “solid waste” generated by papermaking, the qualified leading enterprises or other enterprises, investing in the construction of high-tech processing plants to implement paid services, and the enterprises that have no hope of governance are firmly closed.