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Green Printing Has Become The Trend Now
Dec 03, 2018

Green printing has become the trend now

With the serious pollution of the environment in recent years, Shenzhen Printing Factory has also recognized the seriousness of environmental pollution. It started to advocate green printing. What is green printing? Some people say that green printing is to promote urban emission reduction targets and implement a circular economy. Some people say that the printing industry must have a sense of environmental protection, etc. In fact, I would like to inform everyone here that green printing is not a matter of printing companies. I want environmental printing to be the first innovation in printing technology, printing products and printing consumption, followed by The savings on the consumption of raw materials to ensure the quality of printing production, complete green environmental protection.

Or, for many Shenzhen printing equipment supply and manufacturers, if you want to be a pure green printing company, you have to overthrow the previous printing consumption form, but this seems to be less than ideal, so you should pay attention to the time of printing products. In the printing process, the use of the original data, for example, the use of printing ink, do not use inferior printing ink, the inferior printing ink will not only affect the quality of the printing production, but also form a levy on the original printing materials, and finally form a printing The cost is increased; in the choice of printing paper, you should choose high-quality printing paper at the time of selection, so that the printed products will not only be guaranteed, but will not form a levy, resulting in higher printing costs; the company informs everyone that there is still In the choice of printing machinery, some printing companies at the time of selection, due to the financial reasons, the printing machinery imported from Japan in the selection of printing machinery, and the Japanese imported printing machinery related to German printing machinery, the quality is slightly Poor, the application life is shorter, the company as a company In printing plants, we are constantly operating in good faith-based philosophy to ensure product quality print, promote green printing.