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"Green Bag" Not Equal To "food Bag"
Feb 21, 2017

"Green bag" is not necessarily a "food bag" business sector recommendations: To use regular qualified manufacturers of plastic bags yesterday, the reporter learned from the 10-day "limit production with a plastic bag limit restricted special rectification actions", the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, Department of Commerce, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Price Bureau, the Provincial plastics product testing and other units jointly launched the "plastic limit" special rectification work supervision, not only check the manufacturers, operators, but also to remind consumers in Guiyang to say thin plastic bags, and to distinguish between "loaded material bag" and "loaded grocery bags," to safeguard their own health. In the new intersection bazaars, inspection teams found that the situation loaded with loaded bags of food material mixed bag still exists, street vendors sell lo Lee is fitted with a plastic bag to customers halogen pork, inspectors came to look, immediately think the bags have a "problem", be stopped. Lady asked: "This bag is environmentally friendly bags, how there is a problem?" Replied the inspector, the bag is really green bags, green bags biodegradable bags just means that do not pollute the environment, but the bag was not marked "the word food "or" food only ", etc. So, not used to hold food. Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the person in charge, the consumer and business units to use regular manufacturers qualified plastic bags, and see the marks on the plastic bag, in order to safeguard their own health.