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Gift Packaging Design Will Vary
Dec 14, 2016

Gift packaging-products comes with some gifts, these goods and products directly related to the edge, select such a gift do not have fun. Such as Maxwell House Gift packaging with a teaspoon; some of the wine bottle after unscrewing the glass can be made; Selling tie rubbing tie clips and so on. Different ideas of people of different age, sex, and also hold different attitudes in the treats gift box packaging.

Masculine packaging

Presented to masculine men gift box packaging, highlighting the strong, dignified, generous, has a scientific and practical. Packaging color available in cool colors such as silver, dark blue, except for festive gifts, Ribbon should also be coordinated with the packaging material, which can be attached to the leaf-shaped ornaments.

Feminine packaging

Women gift packaging will appreciate a little more closely, women also tend to be more packaging design and soft, rich, color should be warm colors, such as pink, Orange, and, highlighting the artistry and popularity. Gift packaging is also available with a Ribbon tied in a bow.

Elderly gift box packaging

Send gifts for the elderly, packaging should be simple, dignified, easy to carry, use, and there is a certain tradition and practicality. Gifts are food supplements to older persons, the pattern should be simple, clear text.

Young people in gift packaging

Qing in years to gift wrap relative critical, both practical, but also artistic, scientific, and popular. Things middle-aged people are quick to capture new information quickly, like originality, imitation, and gift packaging in terms of design, color and patterns are variations on, avoid stale, dull, in order to meet the needs of young people.