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German Printers Will Have To Raise Prices Sharply In 2019
Dec 24, 2018

Apenberg & Partner, a consulting firm based in Hamburg, predicts that in 2019, "German printers will have to raise their prices significantly. The rise in paper prices leaves the printing industry with little choice. Despite tight market conditions, most printers are reluctant to raise prices for customers, a major management error in the context of rising paper prices, according to a press review of the survey by a consulting firm.

The crisis in Germany's printing industry will be even worse, according to the latest results of the autumn forecast by Hamburg's Apenberg & Partner, a consultancy. As the survey showed, all 93 percent of respondents expected big price increases from their suppliers, but only 20 percent of print managers dared to raise prices for their customers. "This is a fatal decision, which will result in intolerable losses for most printing plants," the source said.

The current survey of 173 participants - the traditional printing industry was the most responsive in terms of industry segmentation, followed by publishers and printing suppliers. Especially in the field of packaging and printing, the number of participants this year was significantly lower than last year.

Printing industry

As the survey shows, the industry's expectations for 2019 are not as optimistic as they were 12 months ago. Ninety-three percent of respondents expect suppliers to raise prices as customer prices stagnate, and none of the survey participants expect that to ease. Particularly notable in web offset, they expect suppliers to raise prices in 2019, and they rarely comment on price increases in their 2018 survey. Sheet printing enterprises almost reflect the estimates of the commercial printing sector. Most are concerned that the market continues to slide (51%) and also expect suppliers to raise prices. In addition, this year's survey shows that all 80 percent of digital printing production enterprises also have the ability to print single-sheet paper. So the department's assessment of the future is almost identical to that of a sheet-fed printer.


According to the survey, publishers expect a slight decline in market growth last year as suppliers raise prices and customer prices stagnate, and they expect a more severe negative impact this year (65 per cent), which is also due to sharp price increases by suppliers (73 per cent). On the other hand, as the survey shows, publishers are cautiously optimistic about customer prices, with about 46 percent expecting increases in 2019.

Printing supplier

On the other hand, the supply sector shares expectations of a stagnant market environment, although this group represents a modest outlook for 2019. Only 38 per cent expect a slight decline in market growth, while 34 per cent expect earnings to improve.

Packaging and printing

Last year this group showed a more optimistic attitude towards the future. Although supplier prices are expected to rise, there is no reason to expect the development of labelling and folding carton products to decline.